From Lethal to Luscious - the Lips Have It!

Imaginary Diva on August 26th, 2007
Thanks for dropping by!

jon on August 29th, 2007
omg… too much information for a guy. We just want to kiss ‘em.

Jewel on August 29th, 2007
Great post! I used to have problems finding the right lip color for me. I think this is a very informative post, and good for others who were in a similar situation.

Imaginary Diva on August 29th, 2007
Appreciation goes a long way Jon….. We don’t wake up looking perfect you know.

Imaginary Diva on August 29th, 2007
Jewel, I thought that it was about time I stopped writing about celebrity stuff and have some honest to goodness beauty article that I can use when I go out this weekend

3plus3 on August 30th, 2007
Great article! I never really knew the origin of lipstick

Samantha on August 31st, 2007
Jon & Sharon you are a “hoot”. Your comments always make me smile.
I wear fairly minimal make-up but lipstick is something I can’t go without. I’ve wasted wads of cash on those which look good in the store, only to have a rude awakening when I get it home (not to be confused with the Bette Davis in “What Happened To Baby Jane” — nothing quite that harsh!)

I do agree with sticking to the “warm” or “cool” color families (I’m cool) though I’ve tried (to no avail) to diverge because a color really grabs me (and untimately didn’t suit).

What really irks me is when I find a color I adore and it’s discontinued. Or worse yet, they tamper with the formula, change it, but color name stays the same!

sandmike123 on September 1st, 2007
Great Article…. I am a total lipstick/lip gloss whore… If I do not have 50 shades I don’t have 1. From the glossiest of glosses to the matte stay on forever kind.

SageMother on September 1st, 2007
I started blending my mineral make up with Chapstick to get the right shade and the right protection since my lips chap so easily. Since I started doing thins, I have noticed that my lips take on a pleasing shape without looking like I have been socked in the mouth!

Jewel on September 3rd, 2007
Sticking to the “cool” or “warm” color schemes is generally a good idea, I believe. The color schemes are generally accurate when it comes to choosing the right shade for you.

Imaginary Diva on October 13th, 2007
Thanks for dropping by M-T! It’s a fantastic article and we could all use a little assistance here and there when it comes to the personal image we portray.

I will be adding you as a writer for this site to give you another permanent link….
Hope you come by again!

Wonderful! Even for someone with lots of "make-up' experience. It pointed out some things that I had forgotten about.

This is a real feel-good article as well as informative!!! Makes me want to pucker-up!!

KMT from NJ:
Bravo! What a fun and informative piece. I look forward to seeing more!

AEK from Cherry Hill NJ:
I am so happy to learn that liner is not a necessity! I thought I was doing something wrong by not wearing it! Thanks for making it simple to have lucious lips! I look forward to seeing more by Marie-Therese :)

robin t from bethesda, md:
Great, comprehensive information! Makes me want to run out and try red again. Now I realize that the reason I didn't wear red was because I didn't find my complementing color.

jill long from pa:
tossing my liner (not dark brown- yuk!) and sending a copy to my friends who needs to do the same...

Sarah E. from Cherry Hill, NJ:
Brighter not darker sounds like the perfect way to go when picking my new fall lip colors. Thank you!

From Lethal to Luscious - the Lips Have It!
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