Shoes, Glorious Shoes!!

Comment by Christos Dovas, Fashion Designer, New York

My Dear Marie-Therese,

I know who made Cinderella's tiny pair of red velvet, pearl-encrusted, high-heeled mules: My father!

I know because i was next to him all my life. I apprenticed to him. I saw him working hard, executing to detail every little aspect of how to make it perfect.

I am so proud of him and he didn't even know how great he was. He was only about how to make a living and how to satisfy the customer to come back.

I saw the lady, i saw the little old mirror some of its silver paint on the back went off, this one with the velvet cord not hanging as it should but leaning on the floor.

I saw both faces, the lady's whose anticipation over the new ordered laced evening shoes made her face glowing and my father's obsession over the new challenge.

I saw him cutting the lace, putting it with the silver lining, forming it together over the wooden form, to make it shoe, all executed by hand, stitch by stitch.

I saw him making the fire for the engraved iron frame when hot to put it over the golden tape and push it down on the leather for his signature to show.

I was who to deliver and to get the tip! some of it for candies, some of it to save.

And when my father was not making shoes for customer he was making for my mom. Simple!

and now, I am here!

school after school, idea after idea, sweat after sweat for my obsession became real. And I hold my showroom here on 34th street in the heart of Manhattan, fashion designer myself working on skin, metallic leather, lace, silks as my father did, with tears in my eyes when i work because i realize that I am HIM.

My Dear Marie-Therese, It is great honor to having met you my Lady!

Yours truly,

Christos Dovas
fashion designer

Avis Ward

Here! Here! Great article with a bit of humour, too! Thank you. I also subscribe to the notion if the shoe fits, buy it in every colour!
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Shoes, Glorious Shoes!!
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