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"Marie-Thérèse is one of those rare women -- beautiful, clever, and committed to helping her clients reveal their most attractive selves to the world. She is the loving, best friend you could hope to have... but with impeccable taste and style you can trust. Whether you need a "tune-up" or a "make-over", you'll find your own magic waiting to be revealed in M.T.'s manicured hands. We've been friends since college."

Pat Ciarrocchi
Anchor, CBS 3, Eyewitness News

"From the minute that Marie greeted me at her front door I knew I had come to the right place! Both her personal style and home decor spoke for itself and I had a feeling that after our consultation the beginning of the end of my wardrobe issues would start.

I am in the process of losing weight for the "100th" time and have wasted so much time looking at other people's bodies and saying "when I lose weight...". However, my consultation with Marie made me realize that I'm not half bad and that I need to live in the now, not the later!

Marie was able to point out my best assests, ones that I hadn't even noticed before, which put things into perspective for me. Now that I know how to accentuate my figure I am in no rush to lose weight with another fad diet. I now have a renewed love for my body and can dedicate more time to adopting overall healthy habits instead of using unhealthy means to try to look like Halle Berry by yesterday!

Marie also showed me the trick to crossing my professional wardrobe over to my casual wardrobe, in addition to teaching me the phenomenon of looking expensive without blowing my budget. For the first time I will know EXACTLY what to look for when I go shopping!

Thank you Marie!"

Somerset, New Jersey

Dear Marie-Thérèse:

As the sculptor possesses the rare talent to distinguish the hidden form within a stone as well as the tools to bring the form to life for all to enjoy, you, too, have the exceptional ability to perceive and recognize the unique beauty deep inside us all.

The specific advice you gave me on applying make-up and the skill of building a wardrobe "at my age" together with your overall exquisite attitude towards aging gracefully have been so subtle, yet the effects so profound.

Bravo et merci beaucoup de vos conseils inestimables!!

Theresa, Barrington,
New Jersey

Marie-Thérèse has inspired me to bring out the woman I have been hiding for so long. With gentle suggestions, and her own example, she helps me to see that I can make small changes and feel great about how I present myself.

I am more creative with my make-up and I am having more fun!

Amy Kinzel,
Be Well Massage Therapy, LLC,
Haddonfield, New Jersey

Dear Marie-Thérèse,

I just had to take some time to let you know how much the time we spent together means to me.

I really appreciate your valuable advice on ways to grow as a woman. It was fun to go shopping with you and to learn ways to improve my make-up and wardrobe. You have a wonderful eye for color and what a woman should wear. I think about your advice every time I go shopping. Your constant encouragement is refreshing and also appreciated. I have had family and friends notice a change in the way I carry myself these days.

I look forward to more days of conversation and shopping.

Lansdale, PA

I was fortunate to have Marie-Thérèse as a friend when I decided to get serious about losing weight. I was motivated but needed to know how best to do it. Our shared love of life, food and wine led me to Mireille Guiliano's French Women Don't Get Fat. As I was losing weight, Marie-Thérèse and I shopped for lipstick and make-up in colors that would highlight my hair and skin tones. She had already recommended her own stylist and hair salon when we had chatted about my changing hair care needs. She introduced me to particular French beauty products, select fragrances and stores.

On a recent outing after reaching my goal size, Marie-Thérèse encouraged me to try new clothes, colors and styles. We left the shop with a raspberry wrap, scoop-necked, cream sweater as well as a classic "little black dress". Marie-Thérèse's sharp eye, charming manner, quick wit and confident, honest style advice has been invaluable.

Cherry Hill, New Jersey

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Dear Marie-Thérèse,

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"Marie-Thérèse is a breath of fresh air, coupling her savvy for color and eye for design with her creativity and rapier wit. She is extremely knowledgeable in the field of image consulting, and is a pioneer with her 'french touch' approach. It is a pleasure to work with Marie-Thérèse and I look forward to the continued success of French Touch Image Consulting, LLC for years to come, bien sûr."

Testimonial for Marie-Thérèse and French Touch Image Consulting:

I have had the pleasure of knowing Marie-Thérèse for about 3 years now, having started our relationship as her CPA. In meeting with her and working with her over the course of time, I was always excited to hear how business was doing, and here and there she would give me tips and information on some basics with regard to ‘my inner Parisienne’. In no time, I had set up an appointment and expanded my relationship from CPA, to CPA and satisfied client.

Marie-Thérèse is a delight, from the moment you first meet her. Her insight, knowledge and passion in her field is refreshing, bringing new ideas to the forefront of your ‘fashion psyche’ while tailoring her thoughts and comments to you, individually, drawing out the young ‘madame’ in all of us. It was a great experience which reminded me that, no matter what else I may have going on in my rather hectic life, there is always time for me, and that I’m worth it.

Bonjour Marie-Thérèse!

Kirsten M. Toler, CPA
KMT Consulting, LLC

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