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Keep a Q-tip in your purse for those quick, under-eye touch-ups or smudges. Roll your Q-tip in a bit of hand cream, gently rub and Voilà! You've removed that offending smudge without ruining your make-up.
Zip-lock baggies in varying sizes make terrific make-up bags for traveling. They take up less room than a leather case, you can see what you have without opening them, and when they are dirty you just throw them away.

  1. Sip a Kir at a sidewalk café on the Champs-Elysées while flirting over your dark glasses with that delicious-looking man at the next table?


  2. Spend your time ironing the wrinkled mess that fell out of your suitcase that only vaguely resembles the clothes you so carefully packed eight hours ago?

  1. Here's a great tip: We all know we must remove our clothes from those plastic drycleaner bags before putting them away, but don't discard the bags. Save them for your next trip. By placing them between each layer of clothing in your suitcase, they create a small cushion of air which virtually eliminates wrinkles.


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