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April 2008 – “Dress for SuccessWorkshop at Rosemont College

April 2007 – “Dress for Success Workshop at Rosemont College
In April of 2007, Marie-Thérèse started a series of "Dress For Success" seminars at her Alma Mater, Rosemont College (Rosemont, PA), for graduating seniors who will be starting their careers. In addition to learning how to put their most polished Fashion Foot forward, the students work on perfecting interview and general communication skills, which are essential to creating successful personal and professional lives
Marie-Thérèse (seated to Pat Ciarrocchi's right) at a 2007 gathering of her Rosemont College classmates.
Comments on Workshop:
“Thank you so much for coming all the way to Rosemont on Tuesday night. We had a wonderful time with you and the students appreciated your gentle guidance. As you know, it is often difficult to give ‘suggestions’ to college students. However, the girls were hanging on your every word.

Thanks again for everything!”

Erin E. Muhly '05

Director of Alumni Relations
Rosemont College

Letter from Student:

“It was a great pleasure having you at Rosemont College.... I appreciate your valuable advice, especially your tips for finding your ideal color scheme, as well as hiding your imperfections. And I will always remember to bring an extra pair of pantyhose! It was also refreshing to connect with another French person and to communicate, even briefly, in a language that I love.

Merci beaucoup,
Alana Ferreira da Silva, Class of ‘07
Fashion Committee (Pat Ciarrocchi’s Passion for Fashion” Committee) Member from 2004 to present
When not giving workshops and working with clients, Marie-Thérèse donates her time as a member of her friend and fellow Alumna, Philadelphia Channel 3 Anchorwoman Pat Ciarrocchi’s “Passion for Fashion” Committee, which organizes fashion shows and fundraisers for charitable groups in the Philadelphia area.

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